Common Sizes of Crumb

 1/4 Sifted 10 Mesh  20 Mesh Minus   30 Mesh

At the Crumbing plant, shred supplied by the shredding division passes through a series of steps to remove all rocks, metal and foreign objects before being fed into the granulators. Material remains in the granulator until it is small enough to pass through screens in the bottom of the machine. The screens are changed depending upon the desired size of output.

Finished product, clean crumb rubber that is free of metal and fibre, is conveyed into a bagging hopper and packaged according to the needs of the customer.

Rubber and Plastics

  • Crumb rubber is often incorporated into rubber or plastic products. Common items include floor mats, carpet padding, vehicle mudguards and adhesives. There are numerous uses of clean crumb rubber in a variety of industries. In the road and rail industry, for example, applications include speed bumps and rail crossings. Packaging, mining, marine and landscaping are all industries that make constructive use of clean crumb rubber. Particularly popular within the automotive industry, its uses include vehicle bumper bars, adhesive sealants, gaskets, oil spill absorbers and tire retreads.

Widespread Commercial Uses

  • The use of crumb rubber extends to many commercial applications. Athletic facilities utilize it in fitness flooring, foam mats and on-deck circles. Park and recreation surfacing often uses of crumb rubber. Pet products include dog agility flooring, dog mats, horse training tacks, animal bedding and protective fencing. Knives, adhesives, shoe soles, runways and transition strips also can utilize this versatile product.
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