Tire Collection

We have an extensive tire collection fleet of highway tractors and collection trailers operating throughout the province of Alberta. Through both our own transportation services and contracts with other Alberta based haulers, we direct the movement of one third of all scrap tires within the province.

We currently specialize in the processing of Passenger Tires but do not exclude the pickup of Medium Truck Tires and Off-Road Tires. There is no fee for the service we provide but recurring pick up locations are recommended to be registered with the Alberta Recycling Management Authority. You can find more information on the registration process at their website.

For more information on our tire collection process, or for any questions and concerns, please contact our Tire Collection Manager.

To request a tire pick up at your location please complete the following form.

Tire Collection Request

Please complete the following form to request a tire pick up from your location. You will receive a call within 24-48 hours (Monday to Friday) to be notified of a day and time that we are in your area. 

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